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Early Access Launch Content Creator Event

The Front is about to enter Early Access! To celebrate this occasion, we’re inviting all video content creators to participate in The Front’s EA Promotional Event. Video content creators who make exceptional contributions during this event will be eligible to receive money prizes worth up to $2000 in total.

Starting today, if you are an active content creator on YouTube or TikTok, fill out this Google Form: ( and join The Front’s Discord server: (, then DM wickthesniper and complete verification to become a video content creator for The Front. Verified content creators will receive a Content Creator role on our server and will be able to participate in The Front’s Content Creator Event.

We have also opened a Bounty Board on the Twitch platform. Any streamer who streams The Front under The Front’s channel will receive bonuses based on the number of valid viewers watching their stream (for specific rules, please check out Twitch’s Bounty Board introduction). We are also planning additional Twitch events, so all Twitch streamers should stay tuned for further announcements.


The Front’s EA Content Creator Event guide:

Video content collaborators who post videos related to The Front on their channel with #TheFront in their video descriptions can send a link to the videos to wickthesniper on our Discord server and post them to The Front - THE FRONT MEDIA - Videos channel to participate in The Front’s EA video creation event. wickthesniper will monitor the performance of the content provided by our collaborators. All members of our Discord server will be invited to watch the content posted in The Front - THE FRONT MEDIA - Videos and react to the content they like best.


Each Thursday, we will see which YouTube videos have received 20 effective clicks over the preceding 7 days and which TikTok videos have received 5 likes over the preceding 7 days, and issue a steam digital gift card worth approximately 10 USD (final amount received may be affected by Steam's currency conversion rate) card to their creators. Each submitted video may only qualify once, and each content creator may only qualify for the prize twice.

This event will end on 11/11 at midnight UTC. Videos posted after this date will not qualify.

We will then rank qualifying content creators based on the data tabulated on 11/11 at midnight UTC and issue rewards.

The creator of the video that gets the most reactions in The Front-THE FRONT MEDIA-Videos will receive a $2,000 reward.

The creator of the video that gets the most views on YouTube will receive a $2,000 reward.

The creator of the video with the most likes on TikTok will receive a $2,000 reward.

Among all of our Discord members who have reacted to our collaborators’ content on our Discord channel, 30 lucky members will be selected to receive a steam digital gift card worth approximately 25 USD (final amount received may be affected by Steam's currency conversion rate) .

Winners of the content creator ranking rewards as well as the list of lucky Discord members will be announced on November 12 at midnight UTC.



1. Video content creators must fill in true and valid information in the Google Form. Filling in false information will result in disqualification. At the same time, we recommend that video content creators link their channels with their Discord accounts.

2. Content published must not contain any false information related to The Front. Any creators who attempt to bait clicks with false titles and content will not be eligible to participate in this event.

3. Video content collaborators are permitted to seek votes for their content, so long as their behavior does not violate the rules of this community.

4. Content creators who have participated in promotion of The Front's Early Access release through other forms of cooperation will not be considered in the final ranking.

5. If you are found to be cheating, you will be disqualified from this event.

6. Every Discord member participating to receive the reaction prize has the same probability of winning. Members who excessively spam reactions will be disqualified.

7. Video content collaborators who qualify for the $2,000 prize bear responsibility all transfer fees (depending on your method of payment) and related taxes.

This event is our attempt to establish a new form of cooperation between our studio and influencers. As a new game studio, Samar Studio needs the support of players and influencers alike. We will announce more events after this event ends, so stay tuned!


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