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The Front 1.0.11 patch notes (11/3/2023)

In response to the feedback of The Front Early Access, we are sparing no effort to fix the problems and optimize the adjustments, and we will have an update for patch 1.0.11 on 07:00-08:00 Nov 3 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!

In order to provide a better gaming experience, we have made the following updates:

New Game Content
New tamable npc: Patrol Sergeant

Fixes & Optimizations
1. 4k resolution supported, fixed the problem that you can not change resolutions under certain circumstances.
2. After a follower executes a move command, the command no longer returns to the default standby state
3. Optimized and improved some spots in the game that are easy to get stuck.

Game Balance Adjustments
1. Optimized the interception speed of Auto-turrets.
2. In PVE servers, NPCs will no longer cause damages to buildings located within the beacon range.
3. Adjusted the accuracy of armed NPCs in different POIs.
4. Lowered the durability consumption of the Cupid Rifle.
5. Attacking NPCs with firearms will not cause a stalemate effect, only melee attacks will cause stalemate.
6. Each character can place up to 50 Remote Bombs at the same time, once the number exceeds the limit, the earliest will be deleted according to the order of placement.

Other Adjustments
1. If the pilot lost the connection, the helicopter will slowly land on the ground and will no longer crash and explode.
2. Increase the movement speed of the follower when following.
3. Deleting a character will also delete the character's in-game beacons and territory flags.
4. When the character's inventory is full, it will not be possible to retrieve followers.
5. The decay time of some high level food has been greatly increased.

Bugs Fixed
1. Fixed the problem that some beacons disappeared after upgrading
2. Fixed the problem of abnormal beacon auto-repair and PVP protection
3. Fixed the problem that key bindings function does not work for Z key
4.Fixed the problem that Air Conditioners, Fluorescent Light, Sprinklers and Heaters are ineffective in adding bonuses to crop plots.
5. Fixed the problem that in the process of receiving supplies, the building constructed under certain circumstances will cause some NPCs to not moving correctly.
6. Fixed the problem that the follower "Raven" would make a wrong path when attacking the target.
7. Fixed the problem of wrong asset material of steel shield.
8. Fixed the problem that the attack range of Iron Wolf is wrong.
9. Fixed the problem that NPCs may be stuck in the game.
10. Fixed the problem that the Large Mag accessory disappears after unloading.
11. Fixed the problem of abnormal gunner position interface when the helicopter is equipped with weapons.
12. Fixed the problem of not being able to see the ore resources in the scene due to the client synchronization problem.

Official Servers
1. Fixed some known issues that caused the server to crash.

Dedicated Servers
1. Fixed the problem of server crash when the server archive is too large.

Solo/Hosted Servers
1. Fixed the problem that the owner could not load the instance correctly.
2. Fixed the problem that the model may get stuck when the character holds a weapon and eats food.
3. Fixed the problem that eating food once will add two buffs.
4. Fixed the problem that when the owner and other players are in the instance, the revival point is bugged.


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