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The Front 1.0.12 patch notes (11/10/2023)

Dear Players:


In response to the feedback of The Front Early Access, we are sparing no effort to fix the problems and optimize the adjustments, and we will have an update for patch 1.0.12 on 07:00-08:00 Nov 10 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!


In order to provide a better gaming experience, we have made the following updates:

New Game Content

1. New "Warhammer" base vehicle.
2. Skin functions are available now. You can craft the skins in the work bench. (Skins can be obtained from the steam drop event, and they are located in the account ware house in the main game menu)
3. You can now adjust FOV, Gamma value and also FSR/DLSS/XESS switches
4. Mushrooms can be planted

Adjustments and Optimizations
1. Add the exclusive food for "Patrol Sergeant".
2. Animals will no longer actively attack the player's vehicle while traveling, but will be scared and run away.
3. Appropriately reduced the HP of foxes, wild boars, wolves and cougars.
4. Adjusted the collision of some buildings in the scene and optimized the AI’s path finding.
5. The floor can no longer be extended downward to place triangular walls and right-angled walls.
6. Increased the output of plant mucus when collecting cactus with chain saws.
7. Creature lures will no longer be destroyed by gun-wielding NPCs.
8. Adjusted the refresh rate of rain, snow, and fog.

Bugs Fixed
1. Beacons disappeared after upgrading
2. After a non-beacon owner upgraded a beacon, the ownership of the building in the area was wrongly changed to the player who upgraded the beacon
3. The interface may not be refreshed after submitting materials for beacons/territory flags
4. Abnormal recruitment time of patrol sergeant
5. Wrong information displayed on telescope interface
6. Collection tool on the front end of the collection vehicle is damaged and the model is still not restored after repair, resulting in the problem of not being able to use it normally
7. Helicopter will not crash after leaving the driver's seat when driving the helicopter in the air
8. Abnormal display of battery value while it’s fully loaded
9. Abnormal solar generator under certain circumstances
10. "Phalanx" Defense Cannon and Auto turrets continue to attack the target even after the target has been destroyed.
11. Poisonous traps are ineffective against NPCs
12. Cables and water pipes are not displayed after being placed
13. Names of sleeping bags, wooden beds and comfortable beds are displayed incorrectly on the map when the character respawns
14. Loot bag floats after the character dies in the air
15. Abnormal collision with double doors when the window is opened
16、Sometimes the loot bags will fall into the scene
17, "Hummingbird" AA Gun has the wrong crosshair interface
18, Abnormal performance of smoke bombs under certain circumstances
19. Helicopters not hovering when pressing H under certain circumstances
20. Not being able to inflict damage on splitters and couplers
21. Wrong countdown time when burning wood at workbench
22. The capacity of small tanks and large tanks is incorrectly displayed on the interface after manually putting water into them
23. Winder Staircase and Stair Landing cannot be placed on the floor
24. Blimp does not move under certain circumstances
25. Fixed some known scene problems

Official Servers
1. Fixed some known issues that might cause the server to crash.

Dedicated Servers
1. When the server sets the parameter of death without dropping loot bags, characters leave the server under near-death state will cause the inventory loss
2. The parameter of numbers of man-powered constructions can be owned by players are invalid

Solo/Hosted Games
1. While holding any construction parts during the supplies receiving period might cause the AI to have abnormal path finding behaviors


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