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The Front 1.0.13 patch notes (11/17/2023)

In response to the feedback of The Front Early Access, we are sparing no effort to fix the problems and optimize the adjustments, and we will have an update for patch 1.0.13 on 07:00-08:00 Nov 17 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!


In order to provide a better gaming experience, we have made the following updates:


Adjustments & Optimizations


  1. During the protection time of the beacon, except for the mobs refreshed during receiving supplies, no other NPCs can cause damages to the buildings within the range of the beacon (this applys to both PVP and PVE servers)
  2. When using firearms to attack the Blimp, only the "Annihilator" sniper rifle can cause damage to it
  3. Players can interact with the floors of the Warhammer base vehicle now
  4. Optimized the display of the information interface of the Warhammer base vehicle
  5. Added a pedal at the rear of the Warhammer base vehicle, you can now climb onto it
  6. Optimized the icons of blue prints and accessories
  7. NPCs will not be able to sense players and attack when their line of sight were blocked.



Dedicated Servers & Solo/Hosted Games


  1. Skin Functions are available on dedicated servers and solo/hosted games
  2. Optimize the UI of server creation interface of solo/hosted game, and adjusted the font size
  3. Removed some invalid parameter setting options in solo/hosted games



Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed the multiple circuit might cause some abnormal effect in the electricity system
  2. Auto-turrets does not attack the patrol sergeant
  3. Elite Grenadiers and Elite Rocket Soldiers would not disengage when they were near the player's building when attacking players
  4. Helicopter air-to-air missiles could not lock onto air targets
  5. Some helicopter rockets will penetrate tank models
  6. Progress in the "Craft Food" mission cannot be completed even though the grilled fish is made in the cabinet
  7. After hiding the "mission tracking" in the settings, it will still be displayed after re log in
  8. Wrong electricity effect of the output port of the coupler
  9. Expanded splitter and expanded coupler cannot be placed on the wall.
  10. small and large water storage tanks will not store water under certain circumstances
  11. Pressure pump will still need 2 points of power after connection
  12. Gun sights are still shaking after holding shift to hold the breath
  13. Character death may lead to the wrong weapon model animations
  14. Leaving the helicopter in the air causes the helicopter to be unable to take off normally after landing
  15. Suicide while the helicopter is still hovering will cause it not fall to the ground.
  16. Abnormal effects of vehicle smoke grenade in certain situations
  17. Frequently switch the first person views while driving any vehicles might cause the misplacement of the angle of view
  18. Unable to harvest animal bodies while they were killed by vehicles
  19. Some known terrain problems



Solo/hosted Games Bugs Fixed


  1. Follower disappearance after server restart
  2. Slow refresh frequency of NPCs in the map
  3. Two gun models appearing for players in the gunner position of the vehicle
  4. Other players can see the front model of the gathering vehicles when the player presets the logging vehicle/mining vehicle/harvester
  5. The gunner position of "Rebel" Destroyer has abnormal view angle


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