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back date: 12/01/23 news

New NPC Preview: Armored Force in Imperial Military Base

In addition to the Pack Reclaimer, Medical Bed, and Ramp, two new NPCs will be added to the game in the near future, which will make attacking military bases a much more challenging task.


Imperial "Rhino" Main Battle Tank


Level 60 NPC, often appearing in the map on the upper left or lower right of the military base, they have both fierce firepower, superior protection and ordinary firearms will not damage them easily, but the track is its weakness.


Imperial "Night Owl" Gunship


Level 60 NPC, snowy mountains is its active area, it has excellent firepower system and has a certain degree of aerial combat ability. Its rotor blades, which generate lift and pull forces, are its biggest weakness.



In addition, for players concerned about the power supply anomalies, solo/hosted game restart leads to the disappearance of the squad and other issues have been in the process of fixing. We will update the fix as soon as possible.


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