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The Front 1.0.17 patch notes (12/06/2023)

We will have an update for patch 1.0.17 on 07:00-08:00 Dec 6 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!

New Game Content:
1. Pack Reclaimer: unlock at level 15, consumes ether shards*100 for each use, takes 30 seconds to retrieve your lost loot bag, if your loot bag disappeared or picked up, it will fail. 30 mins cool down between each use.
2. Medical Bed: It can heal characters gradually and cure adverse states.
3. Ramp: A larger and wider stair, used for the vehicles to pass through.
4. New imperial base boss: "Night Owl" Gunship, lvl.60
5. New imperial base boss: "Rhino" Main Battle Tank, lvl.60

New Configurations:
1. Added DirectX options (DX11 or DX12)
2. Added Vsync option

1. Added scroll bars in the squad interface
2. Optimized stairs in the map
3. Optimized the interactions on constructions and vehicles, for example, right-click to add wood into furnace, right-click to add ammo to the vehicles.
4. Can not place crop plot on warhammer
5. FSR/DLSS/XeSS options will be displayed in the option

Bugs Fixed:
1. Some electrical circuit connection problems
2. Parallel connections in batteries might cause some electrical error
3. DLSS function might cause black screen
4. Servral known issues might cause the server to crash
5. Wrong protection timer info displayed in the binoculars
6. Wrong HUD info in the helicopter pilot interface
7. Can not be revived when character is in near death state
8. Releasing F before the countdown ends will still revive the player
9. Some wrong HP regen rate for the NPCs
10. Some constructions on the warhammer might cause wrong collisions
11. PC with connections to VR equipment might not be able to enter the game
12. Can not compete the ‘craft food’ task by crafting spicy fish

Dedicated Servers:
1. Warhammer can not move
2. Server restart might cause the constructions on the warhammer to be placed in the wrong place
Tips: You will need to repack the warhammer and replace it on the ground to reset the constructions on the vehicle.

Solo/hosted Games:
1. Server restart will cause the squad to be disbanded
2. "Ares" Main Battle Tank has wrong view angle at the gunner position
3. Tear down the support construction at the bottom might cause the workbench floats
Tips: Anything you built before this update will still have the floating problem


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