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The Front 1.0.18 patch notes (12/12/2023)

We will have an update for patch 1.0.18 on 07:00-08:00 Dec 12 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!


New Game Content
1. Hazmat suit: can prevent radiation, infection, wearing it will take off the rest of your gear.

1. Adjusted the amount of materials needed for construction repairs within the beacon range and lowers the cost to repair constructions
2. Alloy Crossbow can be crafted at the weapons work bench now
3. Fixed the Elite Rocket Soldier’s animation
4. Adjusted the text in the remote control interface
5. Overall server performance

Bugs Fixed
1. While landing the helicopter, auto-hover might cause the tail stuck into the terrain
2. Follower’s active attack mode is not working after switching them to stand by mode.
3. Ammo switching interface will appear even the character is not holding any weapons
4. Constructions ownership on the Warhammer will belong to the vehicle owner
5. After enable FSR settings, open crates in the desert will cause the game to crash
6. Pack reclaimer’s cool-down will not be refreshed by re log in
7. Pack reclaimer can be placed on the top of the foundation
8. The visual effects of the pack reclaimer is not moving with the warhammer
9. Storage boxes will float in the air after demolish the shelf underneath
10. Large server save data will cause the server fail to restart
11. The cable connection happened right before the server maintenance will cause the electrical system to not work after the server restart
12. Some translation errors



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