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The Front 1.0.19 patch notes (12/20/2023)

We will have an update for patch 1.0.19 on 07:00-08:00 Dec 12 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Christmas Event
Event Time: 00:00 Dec 24 - 00:00 Jan 4 UTC
Event Details:
1. All loot boxes in the map will appear as a special ‘Christmas gift’
2. Most of the region will have higher possibilities to snow
3. There will be snowman located besides the road in the map, and you can get throwable item snow ball from it.
4. Traders at the Rebel Camp will have Christmas event related items: snowballs, christmas trees, christmas cake recepies, christmas pudding recepies.
5. While looting in the map, Santa Clause will have a possibility to show up around your character. Use Snowball to hit him 5 times can stun him and he will drop the gift bag. Including: Christmas tree blue print, various Christmas recepiecs, Christmas bells, Christmas socks, Christmas ribbons and stars etc.
6. Open future supplies will have a possibility to give you Christmas clothes, Christmas sleeping bags etc. Higher supply runs will have higher possibilties to give you christmas items.
7. Christmas Tree Blue Print: use it in the construction bench
8. Christmas cake and pudding recepies: use them at the kitchen counter

New Content
1. Switched Anti-Cheat system to EAC
2. Added ‘NEW’ lable in the server list, and optimized the default order of the servers
3. Added ‘Favourite/History’ in the server list
4. 15 new skins in the steam drop boxes

1. Lowered the imperial helicopter and tank NPC’s detection range and attack range
2. While in the workbench’s interface, press B will not switch to inventory interface but close the workbench interface directly
3. Optimized some models and scenes to increase server performance
4. Deleted Bite RES and combined it to the Phy RES

Bugs Fixed
1. Place or demolish signs will no longer give character exp.
2. "Woodpecker" AA Rocket Launcher can not have a lock on the imperial helicopter
3. "Infiltrator" Missile Launcher can not lock on the imperial tank
4. Imperial helicopters are hard to damage when they are close to walls
5. Abnormal interface when you set the resolution under 5120*1440 in full screen
6. Some wrong effects under DX12 mode
7. NPCs will get stuck in terrains and constructions during the supply receive
8. Tungsten AP Shell causing too low damage on constructions
9. Sprinklers do not function properly while attached to large water tank
10. Known stuck points on the map
11. Need to restart the client to use the skin acquired from the drop boxes in the lobby
12. Server list might show duplicated servers
13. Wrong gaps might appear in doors and windows under low graphic settings
14. Some wrong collision issues after demolish the constructions

Solo/hosted Games
1. The owner of solo/hosted game might lose the character while enter the game second time


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