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back date: 12/19/23 news

Christmas Events Are About to Begin!

The Front will launch a Christmas-themed event from UTC December 24, 0:00, to January 4, 0:00. Gift boxes, decorative items, sweet treats... numerous little gifts are prepared, and a world filled with festive atmosphere awaits everyone.


Dress up your home for Christmas!

With the crisp sound of jingling bells, Christmas stockings hanging at the foot of the bed, delicious food at the kitchen counter, Christmas trees adorned with ribbons, bells, and stars, and the Christmas spirit everywhere, everyone's hearts are filled with joy.


During the event, all loot boxes and supply crates in the map will have a "Christmas Gift Box" appearance change. Players can obtain Christmas hats, tops, and pants as additional rewards from the crates. In addition to these, there is also a chance to get a Christmas blanket with sleeping bag functionality, a Christmas tree blueprint, a Christmas-themed chainsaw appearance, as well as recipes for cakes and puddings.


Apart from the desert, the frequency of snowy weather in other regions will increase during the night, and you can also encounter new "snowman" on the roadside when it's snowing. After destroying them, you can get several snowballs.


Surprises from Santa Claus

Of course, the most anticipated encounter is with Santa Claus. When searching for boxes in the wilderness, you may come across this pleasant surprise as Santa Claus randomly appears around you.


Playfully throw snowballs at Santa Claus as a way to express joy. After being hit by multiple snowballs, Santa Claus will faint on the ground. Take this opportunity to pick up the gift bag he drops, from which you can obtain Christmas recipes, Christmas tree blueprints, or decorative materials like Christmas stockings.


Let's make and enjoy desserts together

There are two delicious Christmas desserts, Christmas cake, and Christmas pudding. After obtaining the food recipe, you can make them at the kitchen counter. Each recipe has a limited number of uses, and cakes and puddings also have their own unique buffs.


In addition to obtaining various Christmas event items from the crates and Santa Claus, you can also visit the Resistance camp's merchants to exchange snowballs, Christmas tree blueprints, Christmas cake recipes, and Christmas pudding recipes.


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