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The Front 1.0.20 patch notes (12/27/2023)

We will have an update for patch 1.0.20 on 07:00-09:00 Dec 27 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support! (edited)

New Content

1. Follower’s talent gameplay

You can check the number of talents of untamed NPCs, but not the attributes

To unlock the follower’s talent attributes, it needs to reach certain levels

Only newly tamed NPCs will have the new talents


All servers
1. Adjust the gear defense value, when the overall value exceeds 1000, the exceeding defense effect will decrease a bit
2. Better art assets in some scenes

Dedicated servers
1. When creating servers, the minimum squad member could be set to 1

1. When creating servers, the minimum squad member could be set to 1
2. Added tips for all parameters when create a solo/hosted game

Bugs fixed
1. Non-squad members can put constructions at the edge of beacon range
2. Couplers could be permanently damaged by EMP grenades
3. Wrong defense level for Warhammers, and "Annihilator" Sniper Rifle can cause damages to it
4. Imperial tanks and helicopter NPCs will not return fire when attacked by defense constructions
5. Defense constructions and followers will target non-squad members on PVE servers
6. Some NPCs will not attack targets at a very close range
7. Patrol sergeant will not return to base when it killed the target at a distance
8. Quake Brute will stuck during the supply receive run sometimes
9. Melee attacks can not deal damages under certain circumstances
10. Talent Plant Enthusiast is not working correctly
11. Christmas snowman has a refresh bug sometimes
12. Some translation errors
13. Some Stuck points on the map
14. Some wrong resources type displayed on the map
15. Some wrong sound effects in certain scenes
16. Known issues are causing server crashes


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