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The Front 1.0.23 patch notes (1/16/2023)

We will have an update for patch 1.0.23 on 07:00-08:00 Jan 16 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!

New Content

1. Solenoid Valve, use electric circuit to control the switch on the water system
2. Added in-game squad voice settings, you can choose between toggle or push-to-talk

All Servers
1. Increase all the inventory slots of small workbenches to 60, you will need to replace the workbenches to make it take effect
2. Overall optimizations on inventory, character, workbenches and defensive buildings, aim to increase the FPS in game
3. More descriptions on the cause of character’s death
4. Water related constructions will be able to function correctly when the water level’s difference is within 6 meters

Bugs Fixed
All Servers
1. Some UI overlaps under certain resolutions
2. EAC notice randomly pops up during the game session
3. FPS always showing 0 in the client
4. Water pipes not working correctly after demolish
5. Character revives near the squad-owned auto guns might be attacked by it
6. Melee weapons can not deal damages under certain circumstances
7. Character model will stuck in the scene after the server reboot
8. Other known issues are causing server crashes

Solo/hosted Games
1. "Infiltrator" Missile Launcher’s sight blocked by the weapon model


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