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back date: 01/17/24 news

Roadmap Adjustment: Introduction of Space-Time Warehouse and Follower Trainer

We apologize for not meeting the originally scheduled Roadmap (1-3 months after release) in its entirety. We find it necessary to explain to all players the reasons behind this. Additional development content, including the Space-Time Warehouse, Vehicle Customization and Cultivation Gameplay, Gene Planting Gameplay, and Follower Trainer, has disrupted the original plan.


Among these, Vehicle Customization, and Gene Planting Gameplay have been introduced in previous developer logs and are currently under development according to the plan. We will keep updating the development details with you in the future. Below is a brief overview of the Space-Time Warehouse and Follower Trainer.


Space-Time Warehouse
The "Space-Time Warehouse" feature is currently in development, allowing players to submit or extract items from the warehouse. There are limitations on the types of items that can be submitted, each with its own quantity limit. Additionally, each item has a corresponding value in space-time points, and the warehouse itself has a point limit. Once this limit is reached, no further item submissions can be made.


The quantity of items and space-time points in the warehouse is account bound, and different server characters created under the same account will share the warehouse items. It's important to note that only official PVP servers allow item operations with the Space-Time Warehouse; items in PVE mode and other unofficial servers are visible but cannot be accessed.


This secure warehouse provides a safety net, allowing players to recover even after losing their possessions. Upon entering a new PVP server, the Space-Time Warehouse offers a shortcut for rapid development. This feature is expected to be added in the February update.


Follower Trainer

A quick-leveling workstation to help follower level up: Place tamed follower into the trainer, and they will gain experience by consuming specific items. This feature is expected to be added in early February.


Roadmap Adjustments
We will re-schedule the original roadmap and some of the content will be delayed.

Planned Updates

Vehicle Repair Factory, Blast Fiend NPC, Miner's Hat: Expected to be added in February-March.

Delayed Development

Supercharged Battery (Large Generator Cluster), Elevator, Transformer: Expected to be added in March-April.


Tamed NPCs, in addition to having talents, will also possess tech recipes (with some having exclusive tech recipes). Besides the Blast Fiend NPC, no new NPCs will be introduced in the short term. We will focus on enhancing the realistic behavior of NPCs, addressing concerns such as stiff movements and delayed reactions. For example, animals will exhibit behaviors more in line with their natural instincts, with smoother attack animations. Humanoid NPCs will be capable of swimming and launching attacks in water. These "smarter" NPCs are expected to pose new challenges.

Mod Editing Tool

Development of the skin Mod tool is currently underway, with internal testing expected in February.


Our primary focus is on refining the Early Access version to improve game quality. Therefore, regarding gameplay Mod tools, we do not wish to make too many commitments prematurely. Once we got significant improvements of the basic gaming experience, we will be ready to introduce modding support.


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