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The Front 1.0.26 patch notes (2/5/2024)

We will have an update for patch 1.0.26 on 07:00-08:00 Feb 5 UTC. Sorry for the inconvenience and maintenance time could be postponed due to unexpected technical issues. Thank you for your understanding and support!

New Content
1. Space Time Warehouse
1.1 Added Space Time Warehouse tab in the navigation interface, default shortcut key is “J”
1.2 Only available at official PVP servers
1.3 Click and drag your basic materials to the warehouse
1.4 Every type of materials have their own quantity limits
1.5 Stored basic materials can be extracted from other PVP servers
1.6 You will have to wait for the materials to be uploaded before the extraction
1.7 There will be no cool downs for the extraction
2. Added Follower Trainer, you can put your follower inside and level up them by consuming certain items
3. Added Combat Rations and Advanced Combat Rations, you can use them at the follower trainer

All servers
1. Adjusted DLSS settings, added the quality and sharpness for DLSS settings
2. Made some of the ladders in the scene to be climbable
3. Optimized the plant behaviour under medium-low graphic settings
4. Optimized some construction assets
5. Optimized the lights switch during day and night
6. Optimized the weather behaviour
7. Optimized some of the translations
8. Optimized the logic of capture followers
9. Now it shows the character’s position on map when you open it

Bugs Fixed
All servers
1. Some caves have stuck points
2. Some bridges can be blocked by constructions
3. Followers might exceeds the maximum numbers available
4. Wrong text when taming the followers


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