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Dev Log 7: Development Plans for March-April

In the past period, polishing the game and developing new gameplay content have been progressing according to plan, and some new changes will be presented to all players in the coming months.


Now, we'd like to share with you the development plans for the game in March and April, including the expansion of vehicle gameplay, genetic planting gameplay, skin MOD functionality, and more new content and adjustments.


March Development Plan Update

As mentioned in "Dev Log 5," the development team's work on expanding vehicle gameplay will be categorized into two stages: vehicle development and 3D vehicle assembly.



This week, we plan to update the addition of the "vehicle development" feature. Players can use the new building "3D Printer" (requires power supply) to perform vehicle assembly and reverse craft.



Ways to obtain vehicle parts: killing world bosses/elite NPCs, searching for carbon fiber armament crates, and settling rewards for material reception. There are basic attribute differences between parts.


(1) Vehicle Assembly

Select the necessary core part "Frame" and assemble various types of core and non-core parts based on it to assemble and save new vehicle blueprints.


(2) Part Upgrades

Parts will gain experience during assembly, and when enough experience is gained, they will upgrade automatically. Currently, parts can be upgraded to a maximum of level 60. Each upgrade will yield 2 attribute points, with 1 point randomly added to any attribute of the part during the upgrade, and the other point allocated by the player. There is a maximum limit to the points added to a single attribute.


(3) Part Reverse Craft

By compounding the same parts, the newly synthesized parts will receive permanent improvements in single or multiple attributes.


Special Note:

Due to the fact that some core part models required for the 3D assembly function are still in production, the current version update will temporarily use 6 existing ground vehicle models as the "Frame" parts (Simple Off-road Vehicle, Light Pickup, "Pegasus" APC, "Hummingbird" AA Gun, "Rhino" Main Battle Tank, "Rebel" Destroyer). There is no difference in the acquisition method for these 6 temporary chassis parts.


After this week's version update, part upgrades, attribute points addition, and reverse operations can be carried out normally. However, due to the above-mentioned situation, dragging parts for assembly will not change the appearance of the vehicle temporarily.


It is expected that the 3D assembly function will be supplemented and added by the end of April, and by then, players can experience the joy of appearance customization. At the same time, upgraded parts can be directly removed and reassembled.


April Development Plan Update

The following are new content planned to be added in April, as well as some optimization adjustments.


New Content


1. 3D Vehicle Assembly Function. Planned to be updated by the end of April. The vehicle assembly gameplay will truly take shape: freely assemble in 3D indoor factory scenes, and see real-time appearance changes when swapping parts, etc.


2. Skin MOD Function. Players can design their own skins and upload them to the creative workshop using built-in tools.


3. Genetic Planting Gameplay.


4. Special NPCs. (1) Special Vehicle NPCs, killing them will drop special vehicle assembly parts; (2) Blast Fiend NPCs, they will charge at players and self-destruct.


5. Blueprint decomposition and recasting function.


6. Vehicle Maintenance Factory. Consuming a small amount of items can automatically repair vehicles.


7. Several buildable caves for housing.


8. NPC Strongholds. Modeled after player base defense systems, raiding them will yield rich rewards.


9. Super Battery. Provides power for all electrical appliances within a certain range (does not affect electrical appliances already connected to power lines).


10. New Equipment. Miner's cap, parachute.


Adjustments and Optimizations


1. Remove the original ground vehicle-related technology lines, they will no longer be manufacturable.


2. Overhauls at UI Interface.


3. Adjust map resource distribution, optimize the proportion of mine types, and make mines more accessible for mining vehicles.


4. All firearms will have more realistic distance damage decay, and will be auto-centered after firing.


5. Remove NPC loot bag drops during receiving supplies, they will be added to the rewards after complete the supply run.

6. The "Swift" anti-aircraft system will add extra detection range to prevent shooting through walls.

7. Various items will display attack and defense values. This value will determine if the item has the ability to cause damages to other items, for example: Iron Spears will not be able to damage tanks.


8. Reduce the attack and defense values of individual explosives such as grenades and grenades.



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